We are a full service Indonesian lawfirm having offices in Jakarta and Batam. We provide high quality legal sevices that are effective, solution oriented, timely, but yet cost efficient. Our lawyers are skilled and experienced practitioners, well versed and competent in each of their particular field of Indonesian law. With a combined experience of well over sixty years of law practice in Indonesia, our Jakarta and Batam lawyers are well able to serve our clients legal needs in the midst of the fast changing legal landscape in Indonesia. 

Our firm was first founded in 2007 by Aprilda Fiona in Jakarta, Indonesia, after working for many years in various prominent lawfirms in Indonesia. Due to the fast growth of the firm and to further effectively and efficiently cater to clients' needs, the firm opened its branch office in Batam in 2008. Since then the firm has been continuing to grow steadily both in Jakarta and Batam office.

Our clients range from major multinational corporations to smaller companies, business owners and individuals. We treat each of our clients with respect, integrity and professionalism. Trust placed upon our firm is never taken lightly and always treasured.

To name a few:

Advance Medical Institute (Australia)

Applied Satellite Telecommunication Pty Ltd (Australia)

New Lift Solutions B.V (Netherlands)

RCLIP Waseda University (Japan)

Mirae Dream World (Korea)

Da San Construction Ltd (Korea)

Mirae Dream World Co. Ltd (Korea)

Asia Renewable Energy Co.Ltd (Korea)

Mizuno Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd (Hong Kong)

Sino Champion Investment Ltd (Hong Kong)

IMC Group (Singapore)

American Bureau of Shipping

Standard Chartered Bank

SYZYGY Production

PT Aceh Asean Fertilizer

PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia

PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia

PT Indonesia Epson Industry

PT Abyor International


PT Saipem Indonesia

PT Hyundai Metal Indonesia

PT Pelita Samudra Shipping

PT Era Media Informasi (GATRA)

PT Onclinic Internasional

PT Toko Bagus

PT AECOM Indonesia

PT Dermaga Kencana Indonesia

PT Artoda Global

PT Buana Graha Arthatama

PP Menara Global

PT Antar Mitra Prakarsa

PT McConnell Dowell Services

PT Bioworld Biosciences Manufacturing

PT Raffles Institute of Higher Education

PT. Insulation Indonesia

PT Jumbo Power International

PT SK Pelayaran Indonesia